Frequently Asked Questions

Are you some kind of hosting company?

No, we are ultimately a professional services organization that intergrates our consultancy into a meticulously-developed service platform that lets our customers benefit from economies of scale to get access to features, capabilities, and reliability they would not otherwise be able to obtain.

Is GridFury a VPS?

Virtual Private Server or "VPS" services are exceedingly popular, but that's largely because they are very inexpensive. They are mediated by software that is designed to pack hardware with as many virtual "servers" as can possibly fit. They often rely on presenting the same kernel image to all customers on a given server (LXC, Docker or other "container" deployments), which is why the concept of "outgrowing" a VPS is so prevalent. VPS solutions tend to be good for very small, light-duty applications due to their low cost. But VPS's aren't inherently redundant or fault-tolerant. If the physical server a VPS is on redundancy built in and unless you're working with the largest cloud providers, the additional tools necessary to build a production platform may simply not be available.

GridFury, by comparison, is designed for large, heavy-duty applications, and for heavy-duty applications that may start out small but need the ability to scale up very large very quickly, well beyond what typical VPS hosting can offer. While virtualization is definitely one tool in the toolbox, we also build in redundancy and supporting infrastructure, like firewalls, dedicated frontends for feeding customers and CDNs, and distributed storage for backends so there's no singlye point of failure.

Do you accept end-user customers?

No. We provide services to hosting companies, and we do not compete with our customers. Any given need tends to be pretty clearly suited to one or the other, and end-user needs are typically better met by hosting companies.

For example, we would not be able to help someone who wanted to start a blog. But if you wanted to start a service hosting 500,000 free advertising-supported blogs for anyone who wants one, you should probably get in touch.

Can you offer any kind of pricing guidance?

GridFury is very scalable, so pricing varies widely depending on the resources needed. However, the amount of personal attention and manpower we put into taking care of each customer's services do mean that the pricing we offer is apples and oranges to "cloud" providers providing unmanaged services.

Our service is built using high-quality equipment run by experts. That's not cheap. But it is a small fraction of the cost of building and managing an equivalent DIY solution built from unmanaged services. Comparative advantage is a basic principle of economics. If you let us do what we're best at, you'll be able to focus on what you're best at and reap the productivity gains that result.

We do primarily focus on startups and indie game developers, so we know that especially in the early stages, you're not made of money. We can provide services designed to grow with you, with costs to match.