Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between IP transit and dedicated Internet access (DIA)?

Very little. Both terms are widely used in the industry to mean more or less the same thing. In our parlance, if your connection uses BGP routing, you have IP transit. If it uses a static default route, you have DIA.

What is the difference between "the cloud" and "the grid?"

The cloud is a server room somewhere else full of someone else's computers. It is obscured by handwaving around virtualization to give the impression that they are all meaningless interchangeable parts. The cloud abstracts every detail.

The grid is a complex heterogenous network of many types of devices (e.g. routers, switches, firewalls, front end servers, application servers, database servers, storage servers) uniquely tailored for and placed into that network to interoperate as part of a larger whole. The grid obsesses about every detail.

Are you some kind of hosting company or VPS provider?

We provide services to hosting companies, and we do not compete with our customers.

Do you offer colo?

We recommend AxcelX for small requirements (under a full cabinet) and PhoenixNAP for larger ones (a full cabinet or more).

Do you offer public pricing guidance for managed infrastructure services like you do for Internet access?

Unfortunately that is not possible. GridFury is very scalable, so pricing varies widely depending on the resources needed. However, the amount of personal attention and manpower we put into taking care of each customer's services prevents us from offering any sort of "one size fits all" pricing.

Our service is built using high-quality equipment run by experts. That's not cheap. But it is a small fraction of the cost of building and managing an equivalent DIY solution built from unmanaged services. Comparative advantage is a basic principle of economics. If you let us do what we're best at, you'll be able to focus on what you're best at and reap the productivity gains that result.

We do like working with startups and indie game developers, and we know that — especially in the early stages — you're not made of money. We can provide services designed to grow with you, with costs to match, and while not inexpensive, it's more affordable than hiring your own full-time staff to do it or (once you factor in the opportunity cost) doing it yourself.