Acceptable Use Policy

Network Acceptable Use Policy

The GridFury Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs use of Internet access services provided by GridFury to its customers as follows:

Infrastructure Acceptable Use Policy

Our infrastructure acceptable use policy is typically more limiting than our Network Acceptable Use Policy, but the specifics are established on a customer-by-customer basis depending on what line of business the customer is in. (Specifically, hosting providers and customers that accept third-party content have a different IAUP than other customers.)

Reporting AUP Violations

We provide service to hosting companies, and we provide wholesale IP transit. As a result, most abuse complaints we receive pertain to some web site we've never heard or a rogue PC at a customer of one of our customers.

Sending us complaints about a customer of a customer will simply cause us to assume that you are either too lazy to do a whois on the IP address to find the responsible provider, or you're trying to stir up trouble between us and our customer. Neither makes you look good.

While we will do our best to forward such reports to the relevant customer as a courtesy if time permits and it makes sense to do so, all sending them to us will do is introduce delay until someone here looks at it and figures out what it's about and who it's really for. And we definitely will not waste our time answering you.

If you're confident that a direct customer of ours is breaching our Acceptable Use Policy and you can document that reasonable efforts to resolve the issue with them directly have been unsuccessful, provide that documentation and a clear explanation of the issue to