Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

The GridFury Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governs use of GridFury equipment and network transit services provided by GridFury to its customers as follows:

  1. GridFury resells network and transit services from a variety of providers. Any use of these services is acceptable so long as it does not cause GridFury to be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policies of those providers.

  2. GridFury customers are required to enforce an acceptable use policy on their customers that requires them to adhere to the GridFury Acceptable Use Policy.

That is all.

Reporting AUP Violations

Please note that our Acceptable Use Policy is spectacularly short. In a nutshell, if they aren't spamming or breaking any US laws, we absolutely, positively, do not care.

If our customer is spamming, let us know and include full email headers.

If our customer is breaking the law, call the cops. Unless you are the cops; then forward us a copy of the warrant/subpoena and we will be happy to take a look at it.

If you're confident that a direct customer of ours is breaching our Acceptable Use Policy and you can document that reasonable efforts to resolve the issue with them directly have been unsuccessful, provide your documentation and a clear explanation to

Please do not contact us with abuse reports about actions or content of customers of our customers. While we will do our best to forward such reports to our customer as a courtesy if time permits and it makes sense to do so, all sending them to us will do is introduce delay until someone here looks at it and figures out what it's about and who it's for. You will in every case get the fastest response by contacting the responsible service provider directly.