IPFury is our managed Internet transit.

Standard Features

Of course IPFury includes the all the baselines for high-quality bandwidth:

But, that's just IP, not IPFury.

The "Fury" Difference

We built firewall and packet-shaping concepts into our network end-to-end. IPFury gives you:

IPv4 and IPv6 Side By Side: Ready for the now!

IPv6 is (still) often called "the protocol of the future." But that's wrong. It's here and is already seeing wide deployment, especially outside the United States. IPFury is designed from the ground up to treat both IPv4 and IPv6 as equals. There are no "technology trials" or "limited deployments." IPv6 is fully supported with every IPFury feature shown here working today. That's why we say our network isn't ready for the future, it's ready for the now.