The GridFury Service

Utility Computing

You flip the switch, the lights come on. You pick up the phone, there's a dial tone. That's the grid. It's in the background. It just works. You don't need to know how. And when it doesn't, fixing it is somebody else's problem.

That's what GridFury brings to Internet servers and networking. You tell us what you need, and we provide it. To do so, we use our grid of highly available clustered servers and virtualization technology to provide a stable, scalable platform for... whatever it is you do.

For GridFury, we use carrier grade hypervisors like Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere, backed by high-powered servers and fast SSD-accelerated network-attached RAIDs to provide on-demand provisioning, resource scalability, super performance, and hardware independence to projects that are too big or too complex for standard dedicated server solutions.

GridFury is about networking as well as computing. A GridFury application usually spans a number of virtual servers, or "nodes" and the private network connectivity between those nodes is often as important as their computing power.

A representative example of a small GridFury deployment would be three nodes, two running web server / application front end logic, and one running a database backend.

GridFury is a platform

Our goal is to create a platform: a stable, scalable, solid foundation on top of which you can build whatever you want. A web hosting service. A media delivery platform. An MMORPG. The possibilities are endless.

What all the possibilities have in common is that they are big projects that will keep you busy. GridFury is here to take one set of worries and problems off your plate so you can focus less on reinventing a hosted application wheel that won't wake you up in the middle of the night, and more on doing what makes you you.

GridFury is about the service

Unlike most providers, we maintain every GridFury node as part of the basic service. Our monitor systems track over a dozen health metrics 24x7x365 for each and every GridFury node. We also keep perform routine OS updates and log in and look around on a regular basis to make sure everything's humming along smoothly. That's all included.

We also respond to node health issues 24x7. If there's a hardware problem, we'll take care of it and/or migrate your affected node(s) to different hardware automatically at no additional cost. You never have to worry about what happens if the fan dies in the dedicated server you bet your business on, or the power supply blows, or the RAID fails. (You got one with a RAID, right?)

If it's a problem internal to your node, we'll troubleshoot it on a time and materials basis and provide you with whatever diagnostics, fixes, and recommendations we can.

Our involvement in keeping your servers working, secure, happy, and up-to-date and in understanding what your business is and how it works how we can help make it work better, is part of what makes GridFury special. If that's not what you're looking for, if you intend to take on all the responsibilities of hardware and system maintenance yourself, and you don't want your provider poking around on your server in response to health alarms, there are many providers you can choose from, quite a few of which are significantly cheaper than GridFury.

If you do want that, or if you just recognize that maybe system administration and handling midnight problems isn't your core competency (or you don't want it to be), then please give GridFury serious consideration.

Supported Operating Systems

Because of the nature of our support offerings and our ongoing involvement in the day-to-day running of nodes, only the following operating systems are supported:

GridFury Pricing

GridFury pricing is based on a number of factors:

For a quote, please contact us and outline your requirements.