Your Equipment, Our "Fury"

For people who prefer to own their own equipment, we also offer ColoFury, our managed services provided on your hardware in our datacenter.

ColoFury base pricing is determined by the following factors:

As with GridFury, ColoFury basic node management includes 24x7x365 monitoring (alert response is covered below), firewall maintenance, and routine OS updates by our system administration team.

Beyond the basic fees, ColoFury customers also incur IPFury charges for the bandwidth they use, as well time charges for the system administration time we spend managing their nodes. See our GridFury page for more information about how we bill for time. Please note we do not provide any free hardware troubleshooting or replacement for customer-owned equipment.

All equipment must be received ready-to-mount in industry standard 19" four-post racks. You can ship us yours, or we can provide new equipment for you direct from our suppliers at reasonable prices.

*We allow 2U of rack space per amp of power. This is generally more than enough space; most 1U servers consume 2-3 amps of power. But if you have exceptionally low-density gear, you might end up paying based on space used rather than power.

Operating System Support

Because we're still managing your nodes for you, there are some operating system restrictions in place. The following operating systems are supported for new installs at this time: