Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a way to distribute large files, such as binary downloads or media, to a number of core Internet locations, so that each person who wants to access them gets routed to the closest copy. This results in faster speeds and enormous scalability.

Enter CDNFury

We can use our network and connections to help GridFury and ColoFury customers make appropriate use of CDN technology to delivery their content faster, more reliably, and more economically.

We'll help you figure out whether using a CDN makes more sense than just using IPFury bandwidth to serve your customers.

If it does, we'll make all the arrangements for you to get up and running on our CDN, help you understand how your nodes interact with the CDN and help you set up your nodes to interoperate with the CDN.

At this time, we offer CDN access only for HTTP content.